Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Will I have the same cleaner each time?

We do our best to provide the same cleaner each time and we will provide a replacement if your regular cleaner is unwell or goes on holiday.

Do I need to provide cleaning materials?

We provide cleaning materials for end of tenancy and deep cleans. As our regular cleaners travel by public transport they are unable to provide cleaning materials or tools, such as hoover, mop and bucket.

What if I want to cancel the session?

Please let us or your regular cleaner know 24 hours before the session..

What cleaning materials do I need to provide for regular cleaning?

Our customers have got their own preferences in terms of the brand, but please ensure you have the following:
● Kitchen cleaner
● Bathroom cleaner
● Glass cleaner
● Floor cleaner
● Limescale remover
● Mould remover
● Microfibre cloths (washed between visits).

What if my cleaner is running late?

Our cleaners do our best to to arrive at your agreed time. There are situations when traffic is delayed and cleaner may arrive late. Cleaners are instructed to contact you if they are stuck in traffic. Please feel free to telephone the office if you need to go and we will try to find out how far the cleaner is from your place..

What will it cost?

You and your home or office are unique, and you aren’t forced to have the same service as everyone else. The fees are based on the services we agree with you, and will take account of factors such as the size of property to be cleaned, the number of occupants, and the frequency of the clean.

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